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Our 'Free Messages For Free Minds' Program

We believe in the power of positive social messages that can uplift spirits, raise awareness, and create positive change. We want our sponsors to share our beliefs, and to help embrace the concerns of today’s GenZalphas, and we believe we can do that one tissue box at a time.

A Powerful Message on Every Box


Reaching Millions of GenZalpha Voices

Our network donates tissue boxes to schools all over the country. The tissue boxes are distributed to classrooms and other common areas, reaching  millions of GenZalphas every day, all day.


Spreading Awareness on Important Issues

We partner with various organizations to create messages that resonate with today's GenZalphas, including mental health awareness, bullying, climate and diversity 


Building Brand Recognition for Our Partners

Companies partnering with TissueBox Donations can use their corporate names, brands and initiatives to reach and impact the very elusive GenZalpha market.

Examples Speak Louder Than Words

A Look at How Tissue Boxes Become Powerful Tools for Raising Awareness on Important Issues for GenZalphas.

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Make Your Message Matter: Custom Options Available

We understand that every organization has a unique voice and message they want to share. That's why TissueBox Donations offers custom PSA creation for partnering companies.


Tailored Messaging

Work with our team to craft a powerful and relevant PSA that aligns with your brand and resonates with the GenZalphas.


Increased Brand Exposure

Get your message directly into the hands of millions of potential customers through our extensive network.


Positive Impact

Contribute to a positive and supportive environment for GenZalphas by spreading awareness on important issues.

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Ready to Make a Difference?

Join us in making a positive impact on the lives of millions of GenZalphas. Contact us today to discuss creating a custom PSA message for your tissue box donation campaign. Let's work together to spread positivity, one tissue box at a time!

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